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Perance review phrases examples Form: What You Should Know

From the list below, try to read it in the context of the project or department the employee is  performing in. You should try to make it more relevant to the work the person does. If you  need help, please make a case with your employee and explain how the words will make your employee feel. Performance Review Phrases — What If This Really Happened? Let's say that the last review wasn't as positive as you expected? Don't think these are the only bad reviews. There are more like it for each department,  and every employee is a unique mix between good and bad, and it's hard to anticipate the future. To avoid this, follow these strategies to  avoid writing or sharing all your critical appraisal in the first place: 1. Use different reviews at different stages in a person's career. 2. Avoid writing only for the good 1. Make sure the employee's feedback actually relates to the job requirement, not some external goal. 2. Create two categories: the “great deal” and the “good deal”. 3. Have the employee write about their experience to help you  make sense of the big picture: How does it feel to have changed the company? Which aspects of the  job have grown and changed, how do the employees see the current project and the future? Performance review templates are easy, as they are based on the list below. Let's have a look at  20+ Review Performance Templates 1. Write at least one and 2 examples for each rating. 2. Have the employee describe the best and worst aspect of each rating. 3. Use bullet points for best and worst aspect. 4. Give examples within each “best and worst” category. 5. Have the employee describe different things in the job. Let's have a look at some template  scans:  Review Performance Scans Review performance scans are the most common form of employee performance review. In this exercise, you  will have the employee read about their own performance, and then write a review reflecting the  subject in more detail. Reviewing a group of employees at the same time can also help.  1. Begin by giving a description of your overall performance review process. 2.

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Instructions and Help about Performance review phrases examples

Ten business English phrases for positive ance evaluations from Espresso English. A ance evaluation is an assessment of an employee's work skills and attitude on the job. It can also be called a ance review or ance appraisal. During a ance evaluation, an employee may receive both positive and negative feedback about their work. The employee's manager will often commend their strengths and highlight areas for improvement. Positive phrases include: 1. "Stays up-to-date with developments in the field" - This means that the employee keeps their knowledge about their field of work or study current. 2. "Is conscientious and detail-oriented" - This refers to someone who is very careful in their work, double-checks for accuracy and maintains good quality. Being detail-oriented means paying attention to the specifics. 3. "Is proactive and resourceful" - A proactive person takes action to make things happen, rather than simply reacting to events. Resourcefulness refers to the ability to use resources effectively and creatively, especially in challenging situations. 4. "Has a positive outlook" - This means the employee has a positive attitude or perspective. 5. "Is disciplined and punctual" - Describing someone as disciplined means they have self-control and can adhere to rules. Being punctual means consistently arriving on time. 6. "Is an excellent team player" - This employee works well with others and is good at collaborating with coworkers. 7. "Shows a lot of initiative and takes the lead on projects" - Initiative refers to the ability to initiate and energetically work on tasks. Similar to being proactive, it demonstrates a proactive mindset. 8. "Is a seasoned professional with versatile expertise" - A seasoned professional is someone with extensive experience in their field, and versatile expertise indicates they are proficient in various areas. 9. "Is driven to succeed and strives for maximum effectiveness" - Describing someone as driven means they are highly motivated...